“Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.”  1 Thessalonians 5:11

Ministry to women at Eagle Christian Church is all about building bridges between the generations and drawing each woman closer to a life-giving relationship with the Lord of Creation and His greatest gift to us, Jesus Christ. Each part of Women’s Ministry is designed to facilitate this intergenerational sharing, relationship building, spiritual growth, and outreach.

As we REACH out to women, we will have opportunities to share our lives and stories with others, to laugh and encourage each other, and to just take time to breathe in a non threatening, low key environment lovingly created by women for women.

During our TEACH and EQUIP times, women will share in the study and application of God’s Word. We will not only study what God’s Word says, but we will diligently seek to answer the question we all ask: “How does this apply in my daily life?” As we grow in our faith, we are being equipped to share the Good News with others.

Ultimately, what we have learned and been equipped to do will result in SENDing women out to SERVE and put God’s Word into action. No matter our age, each of us has gifts and strengths with which to live out the Good News with others.

If you have questions, needs, or want more information about our purpose and offerings, contact me at 286-0879 or 514-9296 or email glennist@eaglechristianchurch.com.

Serving Him, Glennis Thomas, Director of Women’s Ministries

REACH EVENTS: (Women reaching out to others and exemplifying Christ’s love.)

  • CHRISTMAS Dessert for Women – December 3, 2017 – Christmas can be a hectic time. We invite ladies to just come and enjoy an evening preparing our hearts for the season. Multiple generations of women will laugh together, have dessert together, and ultimately focus on the Christ whose birth we celebrate.
  • SPRING MINI-RETREAT – March 3, 2018 – A day of renewal and fellowship as we begin the Spring season. Speakers, group interactions, and more. Lunch included. More details to come.
  • SPRING EVENT – April 28, 2018 – Welcome Spring as we build friendships with multiple generations of women, share food and fun together, and are inspired. A wonderful time to invite your friends and neighbors to get acquainted with ECC. More details to come.

TEACHING AND EQUIPPING OPPORTUNITIES: (Eagle Campus): Women studying Scripture to know God’s purpose for our lives and  being equipped to share Christ with others.

FALL RETREAT – September 22-24, 2017 Focus: Spiritual Disciplines. It is important for women to have time away from the daily cares and routines to focus on our relationship with Christ and how that plays out in our daily lives. We spend a weekend in a beautiful and relaxing setting focusing on God’s Word, building friendships, and being encouraged in our Christian walk. Mark your calendar now. Julie Gariss from Joplin, Mo. will be our guest speaker.  Cost: $80.

BIBLE STUDY GEARED TO YOUNGER WOMEN – 1st and 3rd Monday of each month – September to May from 7:00-8:30 pm. Meets at 1214 W. Oakhampton Drive, Eagle.  Fall study: James.

Leads: Serenity Crane 208-284-3149  and Nikki Francis 208-938-1010.

 WEDNESDAY MORNING BIBLE STUDY – Wednesday mornings from 9:30-11:30 in the Chapel.  – September to May.  Fall study: Falling in Love with Jesus’ People: a study of Acts. Includes small group time for discussion and relationship building.  Open to women of all ages. Childcare is provided.

Lead: Vicki Danielson 208-884-0789.

TUESDAY EVENING BIBLE STUDYTuesday evenings at 7 pm in the Fireside Room – September to May. Fall study: (TBA). Includes small group time for discussion and relationship building. Open to women of all ages.

Lead: Sue Pellant 208-861-2201

MOMS FELLOWSHIP AND STUDY – Wednesday evenings from 7:00 – 8:30 pm at the church. – September to May. Childcare provided. Sharing, inspiration, teaching, and equipping for moms of all ages. Topical studies and lots of interaction.

Leads: Annie Eastman 619-838-1740, and Colette Leingang 208-477-4092

ONE-TO-ONE MENTORING – Intergenerational friendships strengthen and encourage us spiritually and in daily living. A listening ear and an understanding heart are at the core of how God has designed multiple generations of women to interact with each other. Each pairing decides what they want their time together to accomplish and when they need to meet.

Lead: Kathy Sauer 907-590-2537

WIDOWS ENCOURAGEMENT (WOW) – meets the second Sunday of each month for lunch, encouragement, and support. Location is announced in the church bulletin the Sunday before the meeting. The goal is to help women heal and find new joy and meaning in life and serving others.

Team Leads: Pat Amyx 208-890-6335 and Pat Hullar 208-869-2208

SMALL GROUP MENTORING – Groups of 2 mentors and 2/4 mentees meet for a specific period of time for mentoring in various aspects of Christian life and womanhood. Watch for announcement of these groups.

Team Lead: Joan Oster 208-724-6334

Call Glennis for more details at 208-286-0879

SERVE OPPORTUNITIES: (Eagle Campus) – Women serving as Christ served. Real joy comes as we find a place to serve and begin to engage with others to meet their needs and help draw them closer to the Lord. We call it LOVING TOUCH MINISTRIES:

QUILTING MINISTRY –  meets Monday mornings at 9:30 at the church and Monday evenings at 6:30 at the church. Makes quilts or other items for those in life-altering circumstances. At times reaches beyond the church family into community organizations for those in life-altering circumstances. 

Lead: Jerri Greenman 208-412-4667

VISITATION MINISTRY – Reaches out to those who need a home visit and often just need someone to check in on them. This is another way to reach out with a loving touch to meet others at their point of need.

Lead: Lorraine Howe 206-310-6011 or lorraine.howe28@gmail.com

MEALS MINISTRY – These servants help provide meals for illness or other special needs. They also provide meals when needed for funerals and memorial services.

Leads: Danielle Bowman 209-401-5421 or Marcille Vaclavic 208-939-4086

CARD MINISTRY – Sends cards to those in need of encouragement. A vital part of a loving touch.

Lead: Darlene Sprague 208-888-1484

WELCOME CALLS – Make calls of welcome to women who are first-time visitors to ECC..

Lead: Vicki Worley  

Women’s Ministry has a variety of volunteer opportunities. Call Glennis at 208-286-0879 to find out more.

As we meet together for fellowship, study and service, we grow in our faith in Christ.

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