Eagle Christian Church is committed to reaching people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, teaching them the Biblical truths about Jesus Christ, equipping them to serve, and sending them into the world to tell others the wonderful message of Jesus Christ.

In an effort to help every individual to reach these levels of commitment, we have designed four Christian Growth Classes.

101-401 Christian Life Series – Growth Outline

Class – 101 Reach

Our 101 Ministries are dedicated to reaching people with the gospel message. This is where all newcomers to Eagle Christian Church are encouraged to begin.

Class – 201 Teach

Christians who want to build a strong foundation for their spiritual life will find the tools they need in “201.” Mark will help you explore ways of developing your Christian life so that you may grow to maturity.

Class – 301 Equip

God has gifted every Christian to serve in the Kingdom of God. “301” is designed to help you discover your ministry and where you may begin serving Christ in His Church. Our 301 Ministries are designed to equip you to serve the church body and others with your God-given talents.

Class – 401 Send

The most challenging task of every Christian is that of helping others come to know Christ. This class is designed to give you practical tools and methods for becoming a contagious Christian.