Starting point

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ABOUT Starting point

Starting Point is our way of communicating the mission of ECC to you. Through Starting Point we are committed to reaching people with the gospel of Jesus Christ, teaching them biblical truth, equipping them to serve, and sending them out to impact the world.

Simply, our mission is


one & two

This class is taught by our Senior Minister, Dr. Steven Crane. He will unpack the basic beliefs of Christianity and explain the purpose of ECC. In addition, he will unpack the first word in our mission: REACH.


In this session, our Executive Minister, Bill Krause, will unpack the second and third words in our mission statement: TEACH and EQUIP. The hope through this session, is that you will discover how both growing in your knowledge of Jesus Christ and your commitment to serving Him contribute to your growth as a Christian.


The fourth session, taught by one of our Campus Pastors, Dan Starks, will unpack the fourth word in our mission statement: SEND. We hope through this final session you will learn the biblical mission that Jesus Christ has given to each one of us to reach our neighbors and this world for Him.

by the end of Starting point

We hope you will have a better understanding of what the DNA of ECC is as a church, and how you can become a part of the team in reaching the Treasure Valley for Christ with us.

This all begins with Jesus and is articulated through our mission of