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The ECC High School Ministry is a community of students set on seeking after God. This means a few core things:

We love everyone. Our goal is to love every person–old or new, weird or cool–in a way that reflects Jesus.

We love God. We show our love for Him through worship, Bible study, service, and by letting Him change our lives.

We are searching. We want to know God more, find answers to questions, and ask difficult questions each week.

If you have any questions about the High School Ministry, send us an e-mail!


Wednesday Nights

Our current series is on the Kings of the divided Kingdoms

We are going to spend the summer walking through different kings, and how those kingdoms progressed through time.


Whether the cause is a radioactive spider bite or a nuclear explosion, every superhero has an origin story – a moment when they begin to discover how they’re uniquely equipped to help save the world. You probably don’t have the power of flight or the ability to shoot energy beams out of your fists, but in this 4-week series you’ll see that you have the potential to help save the world too!

Student Connect

Serve day

Join us every first Sunday of the month as we partner with Vineyard to feed people at Julia Davis Park. We meet in the Chapel lobby at noon, make sure everyone has a ride, and head to vineyard to load up the trailer. We return back to ECC between 4 and 4:30pm. Contact Gabe with any questions.

The Leadership group

The Leadership Group is for High School students who wish to enter into a deeper discipleship and spiritual development process.

The group will meet twice a month with small projects due between each meeting designed to stretch, challenge, and grow High School students into leaders.


Lets have coffee

Join us for a hybrid “Let’s Have Coffee” day! The Central Valley team will be at ECC Central Valley on July 7, from 1-4pm to hangout and talk. Donuts and Coffee provided!

YOUTH team

Gabe Hetherington

High School Minister

Natalie Barnes

Associate Students Minister

Lilly Roper

Students Associate

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