Eagle Christian Church – Children’s Ministries

Eagle Christian Church loves kids!

ECC Children’s Ministry exists to partner with parents so that TOGETHER:

  • We’ll CONNECT kids to a leader who believes in their potential.
  • CHANGE how they see the world, and their future.
  •  Help them EXPERIENCE something they will never forget.

Here at Eagle Christian, we use Orange Curriculum because it values the two primary influences that affect a child’s life: parents and church leaders.

  • Parents represent RED- the heart of the family.
  • Church Leaders represent YELLOW-light.
  • Together we create ORANGE.

Every week we participate in communion with those kids who are ready to do so.

We also hope to instill 3 basis into your child before they reach Middle School

  1. I need to make a wise choice.
  2. I should treat others the way I want to be treated.
  3. I can trust God no matter what.

Looking for dates of upcoming Events and Activities?  ——> CM Events 2018

We believe that when a child makes the decision to follow Christ and is baptized, that it’s something to celebrate! If your child has been interested in baptism, we would like to invite you and child to attend a baptism class with us on February 10th at 4:30 pm in the Fireside room. 

We encourage any children who decided to take the next steps after the class to join us on February 24th to get baptized! We will be celebrating this milestone after service with a party in the gym!

Our next Baptism Class for Family Birthday Celebration will be May 12th.

Vacation Bible School

Make your calendars for June 18-22nd. Your kids will learn all about how to start living fully alive!

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