Eagle Christian Church
100 Short Lane
Eagle, ID 83616

Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm.
Enter through Door 7. [ Building Map ]

Phone 208-286-0879
Fax 208-286-0881

* Call the main number and speak with the Receptionist

Full Time Staff

Dr. Steven Crane
Senior Minister
Mark Post
Family Life & Men’s Minister
Ext 14
Jim Kirby
Pastoral Care Minister
Ext 19
Jakob King
Middle School Minister
Ext 16
Randy Bourn
Surprise Valley Campus Pastor 
(208) 344-5191
Janet Colburn
Executive Assistant
Ext 35
Brian LeRoy
Office Manager
Ext 10
Matt Ahearn
High School Minister
Ext 38
Chris Renk
High School Ministry Associate
Ext 39
Bill Krause
Minister of Administration & Preaching
Ext 13
Jessica Timony
Early Childhood Coordinator
Ext 22
Scott Riggan
Worship Arts Minister
Ext 27
Barton Shaw
Worship Minister Associate
Ext 24
Jeff Deaton
Worship Arts Audio Director
Ext 24
Dr. Charles Crane
Associate Minister of Evangelism
Ext 32
Rich Schell
Ext 11
Glennis Thomas
Director of Women’s Ministry
Ext 34
Grant Hansen
Media & Technology Coordinator
Ext 33
Dan Starks
Associate Minister
Courtney McNew
Elementary Program Coordinator
Ext 12
Eldon Featheringill
Surprise Valley Associate Campus Pastor
(208) 344-5191
Kevin Hestead
Minister of Small Groups
Ext 26
Gabe Hetherington
Middle School Resident
Ext 16
Nate Lacy
Children’s Minister
Ext 18
Mary Reich
Project Manager