The ECC Residency/Internship Program is designed to equip students with
the skills and experience they need as they prepare for vocational ministry.
Through a combination of core competencies, practical experience, and
ministry coaching, graduates will be prepared to lead in the local church.

Below you will find details about the Residency specific side of the program. For details on internships please contact us below. A link for both the internship and residency applications can be found below as well.

12-month program

Residents are paid a living/educational stipend

Leadership Training

Host home opportunities provided

Ministry coaching & mentorship

Practical, hands-on experience

Master's degree option through Johnson University

Adult Discipleship

Student Ministry

Kids Ministry

Practical Ministry


Guest Experiences


Online Ministry

Pastoral Care

Safety and Security


Worship Arts

Church Administration

Thank you for your interest in the residency and internship opportunities at ECC.
Please take your time and complete the correct application by clicking the applicable button below.
Now accepting applications for Summer of 2024
Now accepting applications for Fall of 2024


Connor Southerton

Internship/Residency Director